President (2017 – Present)


Noemi McGregor


Noemi joined the campaign for President Obama in 2012 and soon realized a tremendous need for more Hispanic / Latino outreach.

She discovered there were many obstacles for Hispanic voters, who were disengaged and not participating in the democratic process. She made it her mission through outreach to register and mobilize these voters to ensure they recognized the power of their voices to impact their communities.

Continuing her mission, she led Hispanic outreach for elections in Palm Beach County. In 2014 she joined the Palm Beach County Democratic Hispanic Chapter.

By February of 2015 she was elected President of the Palm Beach County chapter and served in numerous committees at state level until being appointed Vice President of Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida in early 2017.


Elected President of Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida in Aug 2017.
Since assuming office, managed efforts to successfully elect two Hispanics to office in Palm Beach County and currently have several Hispanic candidates running.
She is an active member of Muslim, Veterans, Women’s and LGBT Caucuses and many clubs in Palm Beach County. She believes through networking and outreach, she can achieve her goal to unite, educate and empower.