IMG_0041Vice President

John Ramos

My name is John A. Ramos I am one of the original founders of the Hispanic Caucus of the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) going back over twenty years ago.

In addition, I am on my second term as the Palm Beach County Democratic Party State Committeeman and a Board Member to the Hispanic Education Coalition of Palm Beach County. I have enjoyed a thirtyfive-years in government as an urban and regional planner.

My experiences has afforded me opportunities to exercise my skills involving Intergovernmental Relations and especially concerning complex intergovernmental web of plans, policies, and regulations.

I take great pride in successfully navigating Federal, State, County, and regional channels toward the betterment of communities.

My strongest asset has always been to pull together diverse mixtures of persons and personalities in the drive toward one objective and it is my intention to continue applying these talents to the benefit of the quality of life for the community at large.

Education: Masters Degree in Public Administration, Nova Southeastern University; B.A. Degree in Urban & Regional Planning, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida.