2nd Vice President

Elena McCullough

 Second Vice President

Elena McCullough was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States at age 16.  After finishing high school, on the week of her 18th birthday she joined the US Coast Guard.  She served for 24 years starting as an E-1 and ultimately retiring as a Lieutenant. Elena graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology Degree from Excelsior College.

Elena McCullough worked in administration and law enforcement area while serving as enlisted.  She represented the USCG in Family Feud while stationed in California and served in Alaska, Puerto Rico, California, Alabama, Tampa & Miami. In 1998 Elena served as USCG Liaison Officer during major drug interdiction operation with multiple Caribbean countries including the Dominican Republic. While stationed in Miami coordinated major plane crash exercise with over 100 agencies and planned maritime security efforts for the 2003 WTO meeting.

Elena has volunteered for Democratic Candidates since 2004 specializing in grass-root efforts.  In 2010 she ran for Florida’s State House District 61 at the request of the party. She worked night and day for over 15 months in President Obama’s re-election campaign. Memorable achievements include:

  • Receiving a personal phone call from the President Obama
  • Introduction of President Obama on June 2012 at a rally in Hillsborough Community College
  • Serving as Hispanic surrogate for the Tampa area
  • Multiple appearances on TV and radio campaign commercials
  • Honorably served as elector in the Electoral College

Elena coordinated Hispanic outreach efforts in recent State House and Congressional District races. She currently remains highly involved in community service and political activism.  Volunteering at local food pantries, Farm Workers Community and several other non-profit organizations that focused on education, Hispanic outreach and helping military veterans. Elena is a member of the Southern Region Veteran’s Team for the DNC, Florida State Democratic Party Executive Committee member and President Elect of the Pasco Hernando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.